Pre-Installed PHP Development Goodness on KahelOS

Pre-Installed PHP Development Goodness on KahelOS
By: Vedasto Rey Portugal

With the new year just around the corner, I finally found time to sift through and archive the messy old files on my laptop. I can be quite the slob when it comes to my personal files and research materials and cleaning up my one year’s worth of electronic junk is quite the task. Since I’ve also been itching to port my personal development environment to the newest release of KahelOS, I grabbed the opportunity to do so as well.

KahelOS, by the way, is a two-year old Linux distro that pairs Arch Linux’s speed and stability with the beauty and ease of use of a Gnome 3 Desktop. Kahelos 111111 was released just last December 8, 2011, and in just few days, shot up DistroWatch’s top ten list, even dislodging Ubuntu from the second spot at one point.

KahelOS is one of the fastest Linux installations you’ll ever encounter. Mine took only about 15-20 minutes start-to-end. It comes fully-loaded with the usual productivity applications for the modern-day knowledge worker.

Not quite usual, however, and pleasantly so, is the fact that it comes bundled with the LAMP stack.

Yes, you read that right. The Apache HTTP Server,
MySQL and PHP are all bundled with the installation. phpMyAdmin is also pre-installed. That means if I wanted to start a new dynamic web project I could do so right then and there!

To clone my projects from our development server to my laptop I first needed to install Git using PackageKit, which took all of 30 seconds. I always tell new programmers to use a version control system such as Git even if you’re a free lancer working on your own. Not only does it get you into the habit of versioning your code and working in small iterations, but it also prepares you for more collaborative projects later on.

I then used vim to modify the relevant configurations. For KahelOS, those files are:


I was good to go.

I use vim and gedit for most of my coding. But for those of you who prefer to use something with more boom, another pleasant surprise is that KahelOS also comes bundled with Bluefish, a powerful open source editor made specifically for web developers.

Setting up a PHP development environment has never been this easy. If you’re a web developer who would like to try programming on Linux for the first time, KahelOS is perfect for you. If you’re a PHP veteran and you want to experience coding in a cool desktop environment with a kick-ass, rock-solid base, you should also definitely give KahelOS a spin.

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