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KahelOS 020212 Desktop Edition Released!

Following the release of KahelOS 111111 last November 2011 is today’s launch of KahelOS 020212.

KahelOS 020212 augments to what the earlier installer version can offer. This we specifically reckon caters to advance Linux users who wishes to have the freedom in the first step of installing an OS, i.e. manual partitioning system which also has the ability to resize (stretch and shrink) to both NTFS and Linux partitions.

Graphically, this enhanced installer is still GUI Friendly plus the automatic dual-boot-with-windows option is an added feature for those who are technolgy neutral.

Apart from these developments, we want you to enjoy the following fresh features:

UPDATED bluefish-2.2.1-1
UPDATED dia-0.97.2-1
UPDATED evolution-3.2.3-2
UPDATED filezilla-3.5.3-1
UPDATED Libre Office SUiteA
UPDATED chromium-16.0.912.75-1
UPDATED mysql-5.5.19-1
UPDATED phpmyadmin-3.4.9-1
UPDATED Thunderbird
UPDATED vlc-1.1.13-1
UPDATED zim-0.54-1
and more…

FIXED “Full Name” Issue on the User Information
FIXED Localization
FIXED non-root auto log-in on the LiveDVD environment
FIXED NTFS mounting issue
FIXED/SET Default image viewer is eog
FIXED/SET Screencasting by default

ADDED A community-driven digital distribution service for gamers (includes desura, an online game client)
ADDED broadcom-wl driver
ADDED gstreamer0.10-plugins
ADDED gnome-defaults-list for file association issue.
ADDED yaourt
ADDED make
ADDED patch
ADDED pkg-config
ADDED gnome-shell-extension-places-menu-extended
ADDED obexfs
ADDED unrar
ADDED iptables package
ADDED wvdial package

This release is dedicated to the community and users who have supported KahelOS especially the KahelOS 111111 installer version. Those who have helped us spread the benefits and fresh features f this installer and for those who share our intents, purpose and passion in our advocacy for Open Source, Innovation and Community Building. In this month of love and passion, we can’t thank you enough and we will be grateful for eternity in allowing us to share and help in the way we can and we know.

Officially the release of this installer was announced at the opening day of the 3rd PSITS-Region IX ICT Convetion (Western Mindanao).

Enjoy this Fresh Installer from KahelOS,Download and spread the refreshing news NOW!