About KahelOS

KahelOS is based on Arch Linux.

KahelOS is the first and remains to be the only Filipino Linux Distro with the rolling release model on Arch Linux + GNOME. In the community, it is the first to release (non-beta) such Linux OS on Arch Linux + GNOME.

KahelOS is not just an Operating System so to speak. IT is not just a Technology Product on a Linux and Open Source Platform added to the thousands of FREE Distros already available in the community.  IT does not explicitly want to be different or to be set apart from the rest. However, among others, we simply would like Kahel OS (just like our team) to be the embodiment of our IT Values and Philosophy.

It is also a gift and a manifestation of the collaborating Filipino spirit that believes in the competence of the Global IT Community.

As an open source software, KahelOS shall therefore maintain to remain free of charge with an active community to support it.

The term kahel is the Tagalog/ Filipino word for the color or fruit “orange”.

Depicting fun, energy, fresh and flamboyant; KahelOS, its team and community, would like to imbibe the aura and ambiance of warmth and being sociable.

Kahel also signifies hunger or thirst for knowledge and new things as the color orange is a stimulus affecting both mind and body,for doing more activities, having the appetite and socialization.

Join the KahelOS Forum at http://www.kahelos.org/forum.








3 thoughts on “About KahelOS

  1. Sherrod Ray says:

    When will the forum be back up and running? If it was up you would get a lot more users and it almost stop me. I am glad I did not back away for this is a great release to use. I have been using it as a Live/DVD because my H/D when bad after 5 weeks and was return for replacement. I have not had any bad problems and most would have crashed with all the things I put them thru but this has rode out with no problems. Installed to usb flash drive and did have a few problems but it could been me and not knowing about KahelOS and Arch. AND do not ask about KahelOS on the Arch forum.

    I wish there was someone I could talk to about KahelOS and learn more.

  2. brent says:

    can i asked who is the enventor of kahel o.s and what is the why she/he creat this operating sytstem . hwere can i find the terminals of this operating system .. hope 4 your reponsed guys .. thanx

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